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KAISRA was born from a deep passion for bohemian and free-spirited fashion. We create clothing that is not bound by fleeting trends, but instead, we focus on providing you with comfortable and chic pieces that help you express your unique style. Our designs pay homage to the forces of nature, exude powerful femininity, and draw inspiration from ancient cultures worldwide.


​ We create timeless feminine fashion for the free spirited goddesses


Capsule collections - In order to maintain diversity and uniqueness and avoid overproduction, we create a limited number of capsule collections each year.

Each collection is produced in small and limited quantities, and once it's sold out, it's not restocked.

High-quality fabrics - all our clothes are made of high-quality fabrics such as: cotton, viscose, 100% recycled silk, etc.

Fair Trade Terms - We work with small, family-owned seamstresses and make sure to check on the well-being of their employees.

Preservation and Recycling - KAISRA cherishes its flag as a source of inspiration and strives to preserve ancient cultures from around the world. This gave birth to the "ONE OF A KIND" collection, where all items are made from 100% Indian traditional silk saris used by women from various regions of India. They are given a new lease on life within our designs. Fabrics purchased from these women contain the stories of their lives, creating a cycle of sustainable use of high-quality and unique textiles.

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